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Commercial Laundry

Do you own or run a business that requires you or your employees to do laundry? Do you pay your employees to do the laundry when they could be doing something more productive? Do you do the laundry in your home machine? Does the laundry continue to build to absurd amounts because no one wants to do it? Well, save some wear and tear on your machines, and your employees, and let The Wash Clinic take care of that laundry for you.

We have extra large machines that will take care of large loads and large items. Our industrial machines can get your laundry cleaned faster and better. And our commercial laundry service will work with just about any industry.

  • Hotels / Motels - towels, comforters, sheets
  • Mechanics –uniforms, work rags
  • Hospitals / Clinics - uniforms, bed linens, scrubs
  • Doctor's Offices –uniforms, gowns
  • Pet Grooming –towels, pet beds
  • Airbnb / VRBO - area rugs, towels, beach towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen towels
  • Gyms / Spas - towels and robes
  • Industrial Businesses - uniforms, rags, towels
  • Colleges - student laundry, department laundry
  • Sports Teams - uniforms, towels
  • Restaurants / Catering - chair covers, linen napkins, tablecloths

If you don't see your business on the list, don't worry. We can handle whatever type of laundry that you have to give us.

Our towels and linen laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. Call for a bid: (480) 977-6888 or email us: info@wash-clinic.com

Commercial Laundry for Hotels and Motels

If you run a hotel or a motel than you have to deal with a lot of laundry. Everything in a hotel room needs to be washed almost everyday. That includes the towels in the bathroom to the sheets, blankets and comforters in the bedroom. You probably have washers and dryers on site but doing that much laundry creates a lot of wear and tear on your machines. Let us help you by doing some or all of your laundry for you. Our linen cleaning service will make sure that you always have clean linens when you need them.

Commercial Laundry for Airbnbs, VRBOs and other Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals can be a rented room or a rented house. Some people check in for a few days, some for a few weeks. The amount of laundry and the laundry schedule often varies week to week. So that is why we created our airbnb laundry service. We will wash everything from kitchen towels to bathroom rugs. And we will work with your chaotic schedule so that you always have clean laundry on hand.

Commercial Laundry for Restaurants & Caterers

Birthday parties, family gatherings, weddings, holiday parties--they all mean joyous occasions for the participants and tons of laundry for the restaurant staff and caterers. Because food is involved there will be tablecloths, chair covers, linen napkins and more that will need to be thoroughly laundered before the next event. Let our restaurant laundry service take care of everything for you. Let us take something off of your plate.

Commercial Laundry for Uniforms

Many industries have employees wear uniforms. There are janitors, auto mechanics, amusement park workers, waiters, waitresses, sports teams, industry workers, stewards, stewardess's, police, military and many more. Some uniforms get dirtier then others but they all need to look clean and professional at the start of each day. If you are responsible for getting employee uniforms cleaned than let us do them for you. We will wash, dry and fold them for you. Our industrial machines will get them done quicker because we have large machines that can do more at once. And they are commercial grade so you know that they will be as clean as they can get.

Commercial Laundry for Health & Beauty

Businesses like spas, nail salons and health clubs have to deal with some challenging stains on their towels and linens. Towels get drenched with sweat, nail polish, hair dye and other chemicals. Fortunately our expert launderers can handle difficult stains such as these. Our spa laundry service will make all of your linens looking like new again.

Commercial Laundry for the Health Industry

Medical facilities like clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, veterinary offices and more, all have varying kinds of laundry and that laundry needs to be especially clean to meet the high medical standards. Our medical laundry service will take care of everything that you need laundered. We will wash scrubs, towels, sheets, blankets, even long term care patient's personal laundry. And we will make sure that everything is cleaned to your satisfaction because we know how important cleanliness is in the medical industry.